Guest blog entry by Lisa

Guest blog by Lisa.

A lady with attitude

Taba died yesterday. She was 32 years old, and had lived at my friend Jeanne Mirabito's farm since late last fall. Taba was champion 2 year old filly in her native Argentina. She was the dam of 1986 Champion Older Male Turkoman, and the grand-dam of 2001 Horse of the Year Point Given.

I met Taba on a gray day in late November at the Our Mims Retirement Haven, Jeanne's farm for retired broodmares. She was very much a grande dame. Imperious. Elegant. And she knew very much her own mind, and didn't mind giving you a piece of it. The most striking instance came when the name Point Given came up in conversation.

Taba's ears went back. Her head jutted forward. And if you weren't careful, she came damn closing to taking a chunk out of you for even mentioning that name in her presence.

Why? Who knows? It could be because she felt that Point Given was undeservedly more famous than she. It could be that she had not forgiven him for not winning the Kentucky Derby in 2001. Sorry, Taba, but nobody was going to beat Monarchos that day. All we know for sure is that you did not mention Point Given in her presence… or, more precisely, within striking distance. Because she would do her level best to nail you.

Taba even knew when you were _thinking_ the name Point Given.

Taba was donated to the Our Mims Retirement Haven by Olin Gentry. But she was owned by Gaines-Gentry Thoroughbreds. And Taba died on the same day as John Gaines.

Jeanne is one of those people whom it is a privilege to know. Her farm is basically a hospice for elderly broodmares. She takes them in, cares for them, loves them, knowing her heart will be broken. That is a kind of courage, of gallantry, we don't see all that often.

Taba was a fortunate lady, as are the other mares residing at Our Mims Retirement Haven. To learn more about OMRH, about Our Mims, the mare who started it all, about Jeanne Mirabito, and to learn how you can help, visit

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