The return of the Pasture Monsters

Terrible news…the pasture monsters are back. Poor Hana Bride has been frantic all day, running from one end of the pasture to the next. Alabama Nana has tried to keep up with her but she just isn't able to. Blue Viking "played" the monster game for an entire hour this morning but then grew bored with it and hung by Lotka's side the rest of the day.

This, folks, is a serious monster invasion. Those pesky monsters are ALL OVER the ladies pasture. They are on the south side, on the north side, in the east and in the west… they are even smack dab in the middle. This could be the worst infestation we have ever had.

I am thinking they traveled on the wind to get here. It's been very windy today.

I guess it doesn't matter how they got here… we need to get rid of them. Does anyone know of a rescue dedicated to pasture monsters?  Maybe if I promised these scary creatures a safe haven, a home, they'd agree to relocate.

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