The ladies respond

Oh, I am so very pleased with the way the mares are responding… they come right to the barn, now, and stand in front of their doors. The biggest attitude change has come over My Turbulent Miss. She has gone from a frightened shell of a horse to a regular comic. There is a new spark in her eyes, too.

Taba has come around, too. I think she likes being inside at night. She has some issues about where she doesn't like to be touched and, in fact, has refused to let me groom her shoulder at times but I think she is starting to like me…

Iza is being very cooperative, too. She hates being dirty, so if, by chance, she gets muddy she rushes over to show me, "OOOHHH! ICK! DO SOMETHING!"

I can relate to the muddy fields… I wish I could keep the ladies up more, there is NO WAY I can get them totally clean without major bathing.

Funny thing, I told you how Iza feels about cats, right? Well, it seems her best friend, Jamra, is a cat person. Jamra almost always has a cat in her stall.

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