Cheryl Bellucci

Director of Fundraising & Promotion

Director of Fundraising and Promotion Cheryl Bellucci met Jeanne and her husband, Pete, at an equine rescue function. Cheryl’s husband, John, had followed Our Mims’ racing career firsthand. Both were very pleased to hear that Mims had a fantastic permanent home. Cheryl and John visited Jeanne and Mims many times, and John even completed a sculpture of Mims for Jeanne. During one visit, Jeanne told Cheryl of her dream of opening an equine haven for elderly Thoroughbred broodmares.

When Mims died, John and Cheryl were called to Kentucky to witness Mims’ burial and pay their last respects. When Cheryl heard of Jeanne’s concerns about securing the proper stone for Our Mims’ grave site in Calumet’s equine cemetery, Cheryl stepped up and offered to chair the drive to raise the funds. Within a month, the money for Mims’ stone was secured. Then Jeanne once again mentioned her idea of the Haven, this time to honor Mims’ memory. Cheryl begged to be a part of it, offering to run online auctions, an online store, and other things to help fund Jeanne’s effort… starting the partnership that is still responsible for running the Haven to this day.

Cell: (937) 776-1904