SPA DAY and generous friends

Saturdays are SPA days for the ladies. They get bubble baths,  and, lots of extra attention. Tonight they SHINE! By morning they will once again be covered in dust and dirt.

Hana Bride received a blast from the past…an old friend sent her a gift that is rare here at the Haven; a substantial amount of money that went a long way to pay off the bills. I'm not sure this friend wants to be named but I ask that everyone who reads this say a special prayer, not only for THIS friend but also for Hana's best friend, Kathleen, who sent money for Hana to have a new fly mask and for us to try a new supplement to help us with Hana's top-line. Ya gotta know how much these gifts mean to us.

AFTER THE FINISH LINE, an incredibly wonderful organization sent us money to pay off our vet bill for the WEST NILE disaster AND funds needed to pay the dentist for our annual float fest. The good folks at Briarbrooke Farm in Paris paid for three floats as well. The ladies have all had their teeth done and we're just about ready for winter.

I have come to the conclusion that I am JINXED in the equipment department. Somehow, I have managed to blow out the radiator of our little tractor and now, the old farm truck has no NO BRAKES! I am at the mercy of my wonderful husband in order to keep the stalls clean. No tractor means no manure spreader. No truck means I can't even load the muck into the bed of the truck for removal…I'd say I'm up to my ears in this kind of CRAP but it's too easy a pun so I'll just say, "CRAP" in general and you all can take me at my word. 

SO MUCH GOING ON! I have more to tell you but, alas, I am tired. Fifteen horse baths, fifteen stalls and I'm a bit worn out.

A big thank you goes out to Sadie and Elaine for all the help today.

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