Smokie Speaks

Monday afternoon it was clear that Smokie had a mild stroke. She was listing to one side and unstable. She wasn't in any discomfort so after talking with the vet we decided to see how it all would play out.

She was fine yesterday;a little wobbly but otherwise ok.

Last night was a long one. Smokie walked in and out of her stall all night. Every couple of paces, she'd stop and spin like a quarter horse fifteen or more times at a shot.

She ate nothing, drank nothing. She just paced and spun.

This morning I let her out of the barn. She walked three or four feet, SPIN out of control, walk again, spin again.

I said a prayer asking God, Jesus, Mary, St Stephen and all the angels to intervene. I begged not to have to make the decision for Smokie to leave.

After an hour or so, I came down to the house to eat breakfast. 15 minutes later, Smokie was down. Her breathing was rapid and shallow. Her heart beat extremely irregular. She was unresponsive to touch. Minutes later, she stopped breathing for well over 5 seconds. Suddenly she gasped and returned to the shallow, high breath rate.

I loved on her, called Cheryl, called Pam, called the vet and called our back-hoe guy.

Smokie again stopped breathing. Not just a pause, but, stopped breathing for LONG enough that I was sure she was gone. I took my phone out of my pocket to call the vet to tell im not to come. She gasped and was breathing again.

I ducked into the house to email her sponsor and get carrots. Pam arrived and she, too, thought Smokie was already gone. But, Smokie startled out of her daze with a lurch.

Poor girl, it was about this time she tried to get up. Her hind end wouldn't cooperate.

We watched Doc pull into the drive. I told her, "Docky is here."

As soon as she heard his truck, she lifted her head and looked towards it. He got out and she simply got up and walked away…no circles, no spinning, no fuss, no muss.

I guess my prayers were answered.

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