Smokie keeps improving; A great gift

Smokie continues to improve. Oh, she is still sore but I think we may be past any infection scares. I am going to keep her on antibiotics just the same, though. I has planned on taking her off but a nightmare last night has me convinced she needs to stay on.

Just so she wouldn't be left out of the special treatment department, Porter has knocked all her scabs off her leg. So, now she needs to be treated with WOUND AID every day. Geez.

WOW!!! You should see how our new addition is coming along! The Breeders Cup people and the NTRA offices are seperating offices so we were lucky enough to benefit with a good amount of furniture. They gave us enough formica topped desks and tables to furnish the whole room. We now have a feed station, a visitors table, a grooming station and several overhead bins (to be installed after we paint)… Now, don't you all get frightened and go running off blindly into the night but I am getting ORGANIZED!!!!

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