Remembering Our Mims

Today has been a relief to the constant cold, rainy dampness that seems to taken over the Bluegrass. It’s important for this horsewoman of a certain age as my aches are less today than they were yesterday.

The damp seeps into every past injury and causes pain. Each injury comes alive again. And as I sit rubbing IcyHot into each body part, the cause of that injury is instantly remembered.

Some of those I wish I could forget as it reminds me of my mistakes.

But one injury brings good memories.

I can’t remember how but I was alone at the back of the farm when I broke my leg; shattered the tibia plateau of my right leg.

I had no cell phone to call for help.

I was crying, hopping along trying to get myself across about fifteen acres of pasture to the house so I could call for help. I’d hop and fall, hop and fall.

Just when I thought I could not possibly make it, the great mare, Our Mims, saw my struggle. She walked up to me and stood as I used her to crawl back into a standing position. Once I was upright, she sniffed me up and down, located the broken bone and gave a mighty huff at the source of the break.

Then, she did the unimaginable. The horse that many people in her previous life considered ‘dangerous and uncontrollable’ leaned into me encouraging me to throw my arm over her shoulder.

Then, the big mare carried me. She carried me across the pasture to the gate. Then she watched me until I opened the back door into the safety of my house.

There are many happenings in my life that never fail to make my heart beat faster but few compare to the day that the big mare carried me.

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  1. vicki foster scott

    You are one amazing woman! It was a pleasure and an honor to meet you and the 4 legged crew last month. Ann Bilon and I made a visit and enjoyed the one on one and getting some love from the retired members. Your stories gave me goosebumps but as I have had some incredible experiences myself with my horse Naj I understood what blessings they are! Keep up the good work! Ann and I would like to visit again. PS your hint about the covered bridge was wonderful and Lil”s lunch was amazing. We bought the place out of edible and non edible goodies!Thank you for all that you do!

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