Life at the Haven

First, I must thank all our regular donors and supporters for all they do. We feel secure. Not arrogant, mind you, just secure. Our beautiful ladies couldn't be better looking or happier.

We have been SO BLESSED. The ladies have been entertaining so many young horse lovers and helping them learn about horse care. You should see them! Each mare seems to have a real sense of every child who visits regularly. I am AMAZED to see them interact! It is a wonderful sight when a mare connects with a child. You can FEEL the love, the concern from human to horse and horse to human. It is like MAGIC!

We had a worry this week, though. Missy White Oak has a discharge from her vulva (um, her private parts)… considering her traumatic foaling history this isn't surprising. NONE of this is life threatening, it's just icky. I know if it were me I would want something done so we had the vet out to check on her. She is collecting fluid in her uterus. We have La Vauge'd and on Saturday, we may do so again. Missy isn't at ALL happy about the procedure, by the way..her condition doesn't bother her one bit and is quite upset about having a vet look into it!

After Missy's uterus is cleaned out, we will have her sutured in hopes that we can avoid the problem in the future. There really isn't a guarentee she will not have problems later, in fact, we can expect them, but our goal is to keep her COMPLETELY clean!

Truly, folks, if you have not come to see the ladies, call and schedule an appointment to do so. You will be amazed at their health and the total dedcation to promoting OLD FOLKS like us!

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