In Praise of the Thoroughbred

Some of those who think they “know” horses often claim that Thoroughbreds are crazy. But they don’t know what they are talking about.

A Thoroughbred has heart. Show them what you expect of them, and they will return to you more than you will ever understand.

They will run till their lungs bleed, if that is what you ask. Their bones will break beneath their riders if it means a chance for a photo in the Winner’s Circle.

Ask them to jump… They will ask, “How high?”

Require them to be a reliable mount for a handicapped child, and they will make that little one feel like she has wings.

Beat them, starve them, change them from hand to hand… They will rebound with heart.

Each and every moment a Thoroughbred breathes the air is opportunity for the human to learn: about peace of mind, calm of heart and beauty of soul. Love them and they will show you the meaning of life.

It’s really is up to the hands that handle the horse to make the difference.

Photo by Lori K. Black

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