In Memoriam of Haven Friend Clare Noble

This is a sad day for all of us. Over the last several weeks we have all had to come to grips with the fact that Clare is gone.

Today’s service is meant for us, the living, to be the closure. The finality. The last goodbye to Clare.

But, I don’t view it that way. She isn’t gone. I see Clare every day on the farm. She worked so hard here. In the barn, her work is clearly seen repairs she helped with and in paintings she worked so hard on. Every corner of this farm is marked with memory.

Invincible Spirit Cemetery was a favorite place of refuge for her and she made sure each grave was illuminated with a solar light. Several of the graves have plaques purchased by Clare.

Honor and remembrance were so important to her. Her acts of kindness and dedication didn’t leave with her physical form. They are evident in everything she touched. They are permanent fixtures on our farm.

Clare was a rescuer. We know that. But what does that really mean?

It means that she never put her needs before the needs of those whom she felt needed her.

And we all know she felt we needed her more than she needed to take care of herself.

She gave unconditionally. She gave to others until she couldn’t support herself. And then she dug deeper and found ways to give more. Her own needs were always secondary to the needs of others.

We know, through her service in law and rescue, she risked her life for others. And never looked back or regretted a single moment.

After she retired, she continued to give. She gave EVERYTHING. And when she thought she had no more to give, she couldn’t go on.

Giving was her life. The thought of asking for anything in return was never part of the equation for Clare. She just couldn’t do it.

Clare was a rescuer. Her influence will be forever felt; first by those she rescued, be they wear skin, fur, feathers or scales, and then by every living being who is/was influenced by those she saved.

Her kindness and dedication will reach into Infinity as long as we focus on her incredible strength and dedication.

Clare, I hope you grabbed ahold of a fast horse’s mane, swung up onto her back and rode the wind.

I will look for your influence every day and listen for your laughter on the wind.

Godspeed to Clare the rescuer.

Prayers for the broken hearts left behind.

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