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It's been ages since I posted. The ladies are well and happy. Their new "asprin a day" program to prevent strokes has done wonders for their usual aches and pains. Ever since Iza had that stroke in August, I have been paranoid. So EVERYONE, not just our Iza Valentine, gets aspirin.

We have had some adventurous evenings. Typically, as I head to the barn I give a shout for the ladies to join me for their dinner. They make their way inside and stand in front of their stall doors waiting for me to open the door for them. Well, Hana Bride has decided to not only come later than the rest but she comes in all wild acting, eyes blazing, nostrils flaring and snorting up a storm. Then she'll wheel around and look out to the pasture. In case you don't speak horse talk, that means, 'MONSTER!!! A MONSTER IS COMING TO EAT ALL OF US!" Our lovely Hana then runs from the barn with everyone following. The ladies run much faster than I do. Before I can even begin to think of getting them back to the barn, I have to first prove Hana wrong. It isn't unusual to find me walking the pasture saying, "There are no monsters here. Hana probably just saw a rabbit or something."

We sure need to stock up on straw. I am using sawdust right now as the ladies typically aren't in for long stretches this time of year… um, until this last week anyway. Irvina REALLY HATES sawdust. She makes that face that says something stinks, then she takes her hay, spreads it out like bedding and lays down. Oh, she is quite upset about the whole issue.

We almost our only male resident, Barhopper, over last summer. Poor ol' guy has COPD (think of emphasema in humans and you'll know what Barhopper's symtoms are). Anyway, our boy just wasn't getting enough oxygen so he stopped eating and went down to skin and bones. I never thought he would pull out of it. But, our vet is top notch, thank you Dr. Stuart Burns! And Barhopper refused to give up so we didn't either! Bars has a great owner, Hugh Griffin, who will do anything for his horses. His meds are expensive but as long as Bars is willing, Hugh is willing.

So much is going on here this fall. Come visit when you get a chance. The ladies would love to see you.

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