Seasons Greetings from the Haven Herd

Our Ladies and Gentlemen at Our Mims Retirement Haven have traveled many miles and acquired vast knowledge in their long lives. During this season of giving, they want to share with you the secret to happiness. Our current barn boss, Blue Viking, wishes you the gift of power. She says to listen, to watch and…

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A Change in the Weather… and Gratitude

The temperature is dropping. The leaves have mostly fallen; just a few hold onto the big oak tree in front of our farmhouse. We humans may have to bundle up against the colder weather but the Ladies and Elmhurst are rejoicing! This is horse weather. The cool air invigorates them as finally the oppressing heat…

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Just A Rescue?

She is just a rescue. I hear it over and over again. People look at the food we feed and remark that it isn’t outdated or bottom of the line in quality. They puzzle because we are feeding rescued horses high quality feed and treating them like they are worth millions of dollars. Or, they…

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Remembering Our Mims

Today has been a relief to the constant cold, rainy dampness that seems to taken over the Bluegrass. It’s important for this horsewoman of a certain age as my aches are less today than they were yesterday. The damp seeps into every past injury and causes pain. Each injury comes alive again. And as I…

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In Memory of Zac

I have just come from the funeral service of a young man. He was just eighteen years old. Zac volunteered with us several years ago. He came with his sister and his mother.  It wasn’t his thing at first but he jumped into it like he did everything else in life, with everything he had. He…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our barn to your home! We are grateful for our many friends. Blue Viking is especially thankful for the kindness each of you bestow. Missy White Oak is grateful for that, too, because as long as Blue is happy, the barn is happy. Elmhurst says the cool weather makes him extra joyful!…

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