Worried about our Smokies Love

I was cleaning stalls this afternoon, trying to get a jump on the chores before our barn fairies came and watched Smokie lay down to roll. She didn't get up. I tried to coax her but the poor old girl just couldn't get her hind feet under her. I have seen this many times, it has a very ill forboding.  I called Pam and we quickly turned her over. The method involves two long ropes, each tied around her bottom legs and a long lead rope hooked to her halter. Pam and I have gotten quite good at "turning a horse" which, hopefully, the momentum allows them to get up. It worked this time with Smokie. Thank Great Spirit and the patron saint of old horses, Saint Stephen.

Smokie has had a rough couple years and has tried to die on us on numerous occassions. It has taken only basic care to help her but now she is 32 years old. Her appetite isn't what it used to be and her atttidude has diminished.

 I'm worried. I have worried about her so many times over the last three years but lately I dread going to the barn every morning worried she is ready to leave us. We cannot "plan" these things but we make sure her stall is perfect every day and we give her extra love.

Hopefully, Smokie is just winter weary and will surprise me for the umteenth time but right now she needs prayers, lots and lots of prayers Smokie has been here at the Haven longer than anyone else, arriving in April 0f 2002. Smokie was a companion to Our Mims. She has our honorary "best" sponsor who pays her bills every month without fail. She is a very lucky horse. I can not even imagine the Haven without her.

Please say some prayers for Smokies Love. I fully understand that she has had a long life, I ask only for an easy passing , if that is what is to be. She deserves so much.  

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