Worried about Little Miss Porter

I'm worried about Porter. She is "fading."…In other words, she is taking less interest in life. Porter isn't eating well and hasn't for over a month.  Even though she recovered from the West Nile physically, it never seemed like she recovered mentally. Quieter than she ever was before, and thats saying something.

At any rate, she continues to slip away. She hardly ever hangs with the other ladies anymore, not even the Princess. Porter and Trail Guide were the only ladies who ever hung out with the grey royalty Prima Donna. Porter ALWAYS looks to Princess for comfort, whether its due to an injury or the loss of one of the other ladies…if something is going on, Porter hangs with Princess.

Porter is now 29 years old. I have to keep telling myself how old that really is for a horse.

I just wish she'd show some improvement, no matter how slight, to tell me she isn't ready to leave us. She hasn't looked directly at me and asked to be let go yet but my heart tells me she doesn't really want to stay.

Then, we will have to worry about the Princess. I was surprised that she made it through the winter. Her bad knee hurt so much. She was on quite a bit of bute in an attempt to keep her from agony. Even during this warm weather, Princess looks like she hurts all over. Bute helps her less and less.

If Porter leaves, I worry what it will do to the Princess's mindset.

I KNEW when Jamra left, Iza would not be too far behind and I'm pretty sure it will the same with Porter and Princess.

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