Words and Phrases, Spoken and Ignored, in the Haven Barn…

… on a daily basis.

Leave that hose alone, Tea Biscuit! What possible use do you have for that nozzle?

Buckets!! How did you get out of your stall?

ELMHURST! Get your nose out of there!

No one else is grouchy, Flagship. Maybe you need a nap.

Really, Buckets! Again? Get back in your stall!

Brags, your feed tub will not magically re-fill no matter how many times you bang it against the wall.

Kaylee will be home from school before you go out, Jo Jo, I promise.

Come on, Trail. Fly spray is only poisonous to flies, I promise.

Aw, Missy! Thank you for the hug!

That’s pretty funny, Patty! You are a hoot with those faces!

Okay, Elmhurst. You are funny, too!

It’s okay, Blue. You are not responsible for how the others act.

Tea Biscuit, I SWEAR BY ALL THAT IS HOLY, if you unwrap that hose ONE MORE TIME, you will be sent to horsey jail for a week!



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