Missy White Oak came in yesterday COVERED in hives and not breathing well. I called the vet. In order to avoid the drama of putting her in the barn alone,  I opted to meet the vet at the house, holding her near the back yard with all her friends close by. They were, too, all right there. Missy took one look at the vet's truck coming down the driveway and WENT OFF. She slammed me against the fence, reared and tried to strike me, stomped my foot, slammed me again…

Witnessing this, our dear doc (who mostly treats young horses) didn't even blink an eye. I released Missy into the pasture and she TOOK OFF like a rocket! All the ladies were running like crazy. Doc just shook his head and said, "Isn't that something."

I reminded him that Missy once won the Maryland Millionaire Lassy…he remarked, "Looks like she could win it again if she had the chance."

Sigh, its been suggested that the ladies need a race for TRUELY older mares…a friend suggested we call it THE KENTUCKY OLDS. I like it!

Missy is fine today, much less bruised than I am.

Tell you what, I'm gonna have to start looking for OLDER horses to deal with. These youngsters are too rough for me.

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