Weather or not, the ladies have opinions

I spent most of the day in the barn.

The Princess is completely ignoring the handsome Dedier and hanging with the ladies.

Flagship demanded treats every now and then but finally went the other way when I threatened to call the vet.

Timeless Sue says this winter isn't anything she hasn't seen before…she wishes it were over but weather is weather.

Smokies Love agrees with Sue.

Blue Viking is ALL FOR winter as it means increased grain!

Cruella loves the winter.

As does Ms. Stalwart.

Missy White Oak doesn't even notice it is cold out.

Hana Bride says snow is very pretty.

Taba Dance makes very pretty snow angels.

Little Miss Porter wishes winter was over.

So does Lotka.

Arc Bar Miss just wants to stay inside.

Bel's Starlet just wants more to eat.

Jeanne really wants it to warm up out there but knows MUD is the end result.

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