Warmer Day!

It reached 45 degrees today! Geez, who would have thought 45 could feel so warm?! The ladies celebrated with long naps in the sun, making mud angels and romps around the pasture.

Everyone but Smokie. She had another spell and is walking crooked again. The other day she was down and not very lively so I had the vet out. He gave her a shot of steriods and that seems to have perked her up.

The bad news is we can't race her anytime soon with those steriods in her system!

Anyway, Smokie spent the day in her stall resting. She had no interest in going out. She has done this before, spent several days inside and then felt so much better. We'll just pamper her in any way she wants us to and see how things go.

Say some prayers for her if you can and say some more for the rest of the ladies. They sure are special.

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