What a week. I am currently in Colorado with my mom and sisters. My mom turned 85 on the 8th and requested we all be together on a VACATION. I haven't had a vacation in 15 years. So here I am.

Meanwhile, back at the Haven… Iza stopped eating! I asked Pam to call the vet, and he came right away. She is fine now, but the vet thinks this is due to the cold weather and, mostly, cold water. She dried herself out because she wasn't drinking enough. So he oiled her and gave her a shot to stimulate her appetite. She is eating again. Pete has hooked up the water trough heaters and is giving Iza warm mash this weekend. This latest turn worries me tremendously. This is only January. If Iza, one of our healthiest horses, is having problems then we can almost guarentee trouble elsewhere. I think I am going to have to look into some of the heated water buckets.

Then… Smokie injured herself! She got her leg stuck in a blanket strap and cut her heel. Pete is tending to the boo boo with diligence. Pam will take over the evening check when Pete goes back to work on Monday.

GEEZ LOUISE!!!! Before I left I gave very specific instructions to the ladies…"DON'T GET SICK and DON'T HURT YOURSELF." They are breaking the rules!!!!

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