Ups and downs… I'm talking about the weather! Its been crazy. Yesterday was 63 degrees, right now its 37 degrees with snow showers expected tonight and tomorrow. The ladies don't know if they should grow a winter coat or shed it out! So far, we have had a mild winter, so, I guess I shouldn't complain but I sense that the constant fluctuation in the temperatures isn't good for the ladies. They are all eating just fine but not a one seems to be thriving like they should be this time of year. Kentucky winters are not usually severe and typically make great horse weather. I have more trouble in the summer than in the winter…but this year is different.

Seems the wet weather pattern from last year has continued, though. 2011 was the rainiest year ever recorded in our area and it hasn't let up yet! I praise the TCA for our gravel EVERY DAY. I simply can't imagine how deep our mud would be if we hadn't received that grant.

The ladies and Elmhurst are happy with their schedule. They eat their breakfast by 6 am and go out for the day. By 4:30 they are ready to come in for dinner. If dinner is late, they get grumpy. At least some things can be counted on NOT to change on a daily basis.

Our friend, James, is responding VERY well to the chemo! His prognosis is good and he even got to leave the hospital! Thank you for all your prayers and keep it up!

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  1. Great news to hear about James! Fantastic!

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