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Geez, where does the time go? Seems to fly by me and the days are over before I know it!

Redman the Painting Pony was a big hit at the Paris Artwalk. He painted four times, was loved on by every little child (and more than a few adults) that walked by and was such a gentleman the whole eveing. He stood like a champion in front of Varden's Bistro for over four hours!

His paintings have been framed and are now on sale at Varden's.

Lotka and Elmhurst attracted many visitors at the SECRETARIAT FESTIVAL. Some folks knew the great horses during their days at the racetrack. Others after the equines retired.

I have to admit, though, the day did not go completely smooth. Lotka and I had several discussions in which I scolded her….BIG MISTAKE on my part. You see, I thought it was important to groom Lotka's hind legs. She disagreed and kicked at me several times.

This actions violates one of the rules in the barn…NO KICKING. I told Lotka that several times; she didn't listen and, in fact. kicked harder.

So I swatted her (lightly, mind you) on the shoulder and told her, "Quit or we are gonna scrap!"

She pouted and plotted. Those who know her well commented with various versions of.."Whats wrong with Lotka? Who is she mad at?'"

Then, it came time to walk Lotka outside of her stall. She stomped my foot and shouldered me to the ground! Right in front of many people!

My big toe on my right foot was a site! Lost that nail again. The bruising looked worse than it felt and I never did get those back legs groomed.

Other than that, All went well. We were asked to participate in the event schedule next year!

In other news, please say some prayers for Ms. Stalwart. I fear she is nearing the end. Poor dear hurts so much and no amount of pain meds seems to be helping.

Our dentist friend continues to provide us with help! So far we have had major work done in the barn, on the tractor and in the stalls. The workers keep signing up, too!

Visitors are coming from all over to see the ladies and Elmo. We are constantly busy entertaining.

We are looking forward to several guests return, too! The ladies have so many friends!

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