Updates and Busy Days

The "fence that love built" is coming along nicely and looks lovely…(Thanks Pam for this great idea). It is so cool to see the names of horses, special people and furry friends in bright yellow surrounding the ladies.

We have a LONG way to go before it is complete, though.

I know some people are waiting for me to send them photos of their section… I WILL, I promise. I just want it PERFECT before I send the photo.

The ladies are enjoying their winter routine of being in at night and out during the day. Especially Timeless Sue and Cruella.

You KNOW Cruella gets grouchy when she doesn't get a good night's sleep…we are ALL breathing easier these days!

Sue just LOVES her comfy stall. She wiggles down in the straw and sighs…

Most of my volunteers are away on vacation…FALL BREAK for the local schools so there is extra work for me. I have precious little time to update here  but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking of all our friends!

Last week we had LOTS of visitors. I think we had people from 4 different States!

Amy and Reed came bearing gifts of treats for the ladies, a donation and a bag of goodies for me! Then they groomed ALL the ladies, picked the stalls and raked the barn aisle! HOLY HORSE APPLES! If every visitor that came did this I'd never have to worry about callouses again!

I was touched as both remarked how LOVING the ladies are…I, of course, know and feel their love daily but it is always a joy to hear when other people experience the pure wonder that is an old mare.

Anyway, Amy and Reed did SO MUCH WORK! Pete kept asking if we could keep them.

A BIG thank you to Charmaine, Missy and Bryan for their help yesterday. For first time stall muckers, they did an excellent job.

EVERY painting and Producer Feeds sold! Hillary Tucker, Manager at that store, said we could display paintings on a regular basis for awhile. WOO HOO!

Have I ever told y'all how lucky I am? I have the best husband anyone could want, wonderful daughters, family and friends, an incredible herd of horses, a good dog and a great old truck. Sigh….God must love me.

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