Update on Our Grieving Herd

A herd is a close knit family. Closer than most humans know. Each time one of us passes, there is great grief. Very often, the best friend of the recently lost will follow soon after.  We are carefully monitoring our Ladies and Gent. Princess Royale was here to greet each of them. They had not known a single day here without her. We watch, we pamper, and we hope the broken hearts heal enough to remain with us.

Trail Guide was Princess’ best friend. She is the most vulnerable. Her daily routine has changed. Instead of being first to the barn for meals at Princess’ side, she waits outside for me to go get her. She has a diminished appetite but is eating. As long as we have that, we have hope. Trail is, indeed, feeling around for a new buddy and can often be found grazing near Brags.

Blue Viking’s struggles can be seen in her demeanor. She is less friendly, less patient and often can be found standing in front of the Princess’s stall door.

Missy White Oak’s depression permeates the air around her. She is quiet, stands with her head down and seeks me out for hugs.

Ms. Royal Flagship is heartbroken. She is not eating very well and has a short temper; with everyone. She is less social than I have seen her before.
I was surprised at this until I realized that Flagship has known Princess longer than the others. This passing puts Flagship in the role of longest current resident.

Elmhurst also surprised me. He is truly depressed. Quiet, needy and depressed. His world has quite clearly been shaken.

Dogwood Patty stops at the Princess’s stall daily and looks in. She isn’t eating as well as she usually does and sticks close to Blue Viking’s side.

Exciting Buckets has become almost demure. She is often the first to greet me each morning. The change is dramatic.

Braggin Rights is nervous again; once again untrusting. She hasn’t been here long enough to have shed her past.

Jo Jo watches. She pays careful attention to each of her elders. She is never far from Blue’s side but is quick to notice anyone approaching Trail.

The humans involved have shed many tears. But we know what we gave the beautiful Princess Royale. She had nine years of love. Nine years of everything she wanted. And, when she asked to move on, we listened.


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