Under Cloudy Skies

The ladies sleep tonight, under cloudy skies. They are enjoying perfect "horse weather" with temperatures in the 60's.

Tomorrow morning, if the clouds have lifted, I can expect to see the Big Dipper's handle touching the tree tops. I know Smokies Love will be the first to the barn when I call for them. Hana Bride, Flagship, Ms. Stalwart and Missy White Oak will come in next. Cruella will stand anxiously within sight and call for Blue Viking hoping Blue will consider the meal that waits for her and hurry along. Timeless Sue will decide, on the spur of the moment, what she will do. Maybe she will come right away and maybe she won't. She is in charge now and ONLY she will decide how the morning will progress.

The rest will come inside when they feel like it. One thing I know for sure…I'll have to go after Lotka and any of her elderly hoodlums that choose to follow her at the given moment.

Sigh, I hope I am not late for work again. I would LOVE to leave early as we have so many visitors tomorrow.

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