Two Timing Eve

Mama cat, Eve, is such a fickle little thing. I am beginning to think she ended up here because she ran out on her previous family.

So, you know the babies were born in Cruella's stall. There they stayed until they could walk. Then Eve moved them to Missy's stall. POOR CRUELLA! She was so upset. We could almost hear her worries, "What does Missy know about babies? She has only had three! I've had 15!" 

The whole time in that barn Eve hung out with the barn cat, a handsome fellow named Chandler Bing. Chandler helped her with the kittens every day.

Then with no warning, Eve took the children and left Chandler! She moved into the other barn and started hanging out with Too Bad, the big boss of barn cats.

Last night at dinner time I found the kittens back with Chandler. Eve is with Too Bad.

Oh, the drama.

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