Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the barn,
The ladies were warm,
fed and safe from harm.

Timeless Sue remarked
how lucky they were
as everyone knows what can really occur.

Lotka agreed with a great gastly kick
Arc Bar was happy, Lotka wasn't still sick.

The Princess was happy for a warm cozy bed.
And visions of baby carrots danced in her head.
Porter snuggled into a new blanket so bright.

Life was almost perfect, to Trail Guide's delight.
Bel's Starlet just grinned for a good girl she's been.
But Flagship was worried about what Santa had seen.
Hana Bride showed great comfort to her distraught friend.
No mare has a care here at the Haven.

Taba Dance rejoiced at the snow in the yard,
Soft landings for Santa! No gifts would be jarred!
Cruella and Blue watched the skies for the sight of the jolly old elf
and Stalwart wondered if he was as fat as herself!

Missy was talking to the hoodlums nearby,
"Don't worry about perfect, at least you all tried!"

And Jeanne, in house, sent out a request…
"Santa, be safe and please, I don't jest. Take our love to those forgotten in fields. Give hope to the hungry and provide them with shields. Give wings to the helpless, let them fly by your side and never forget the ones who have tried."

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land, the horses and humans joined heart and hand.

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