Turbo still at HDM

My Turbulent Miss is feeling better but she had to stay at HDM another night. The vet just wanted to make sure we weren't going to have another choke. Also, she is getting intravenous antibiotics and fluids. The good people there said they would work with us on the cost… I really felt that if this vet said, "I wish we could just keep her another day," that we needed to allow it.

I'm told that her spirits are up; she even tried to escape today. Wheweee, if she didn't have those knees, she would be a handful!

So, I will go get our girl tomorrow after work… probably about 5 o'clock.

Taba is taking the separation very well… Of course, she is sedated so that helps. Jamra is in Turbo's stall until Turbo comes home. It was so funny this evening… instead of going to her own stall, Jamra sauntered right down the barn isle and stood in front of Turbo's stall!

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