Today at the Haven

Today at Our Mims Retirement Haven:

Missy White Oak is a bit grouchy with the heat.

Blue Viking is being treated for an eye ulcer. It’s going well.

Elmhurst is upset about the humidity.

Jo Jo is happy… Happy, happy, happy. It’s often difficult to see her ailments as she thinks she has it made and hides the little things. After being near death, she has decided to ignore the small stuff and celebrate each day.

Dogwood Patty also celebrates. Her new haircut seems to have given her wings.

Ms. Royal Flagship is feisty but having issues (again) with her hind ankles/pasterns. Cranky does not describe…

Trail Guide is, as usual, kind and gentle.

Princess Royale is “fading.” A term we use when we recognize the end approaching. She continues to eat well, socializes perhaps better than ever before on this farm, and appears very happy, but is losing weight. Time is precious.

Lady Jane can be very demanding. She just wants to be sure meals are plentiful and on time.

Exciting Buckets has decided she wants to be cooperative in oh, so many ways. She wants to be in her stall under her fan and has graciously decided being pampered is ok…as long as it is HER idea.

Each day is beautiful. Each day is endearing.

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  1. Our visit last weekend was wonderful. All the horses were beautiful. They love and appreciate all the attention and of course the treats. Each one has it’s own personality and story. The change in Buckets is amazing. She loves the Haven, Jeannie, and all the Volunteers. She was happy to see us!

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