Time To Move On

The weather is turning cool, the seasons are changing and I realize it is time to move on. I have been in hiding from my blog. I just haven't had the words to write regarding the two significant losses this past summer. I felt that until I wrote proper send off for both Timeless Sue and Hana Bride, I should not write anything. I still can't write about them, though. My heart hurts. In time, I will. But for now, I just need to move on.

We have a new lady in the barn! Dogwood Patty has been patiently waiting for YEARS. She arrived on August 21st. Patty and Taba Dance were good friends during their foaling days. I know from experience that horses do not forget their friends (or their enemies) but now I have proof. On the afternoon of her arrival, I was busy getting everyone into stalls for their dinner. Everyone cooperated except for Taba Dance.

I was still trying to catch TD when the horse van pulled in up at our rental house, the driver took Patty off the van. Patty let out a LOUD call announcing her arrival. Taba Dance's head SHOT UP. She looked in the direction of the van and answered. Patty returned the call and began to drag the driver down the lane in TD's direction.

I met them halfway and took Patty from there. She then pulled me all the way to the paddock where TD stood. Taba Dance trotted forward, stopped and looked at Patty, carefully checking her out. Patty was doing the same looking at Taba Dance.

Taba Dance chortled, and hurried to Patty…they began rubbing each others withers and chatting, one would nicker softly, the other would answer. It was beautiful.

Patty is fitting in quite well. Oh, she is smart!

In other news, we are trying to encourage Lotka to take over the boss's role in the barn. She is lost without Sue. But once we moved her into Sue's stall, she seemed to understand what is expected of her. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Everyone else is well. All are enjoying the cooler weather. Its only a matter of time before we will have to break out the blankets. OI!

One Comment On “Time To Move On”

  1. My daughter and I visited KY for the first time because
    we wanted to be in contact with horses – I fell in love
    with them over the internet (Zenyatta!). OMRH was by far our favorite visit. I can’t explain the lovely feeling that surrounded us when we saw, heard and touched the
    ladies and Elmhurst.

    We were so touched and impressed by Jeanne, who keeps on
    serving them every day and who must love them so much that
    she endures grief when they pass on and welcomes the next
    lady to the barn.

    We were lucky to meet Jeanne’s mother who greeted us and
    was so cheerful and gracious.

    I’m going to visit again and to help with the chores, as I
    have joined the legions of horse lovers world wide.

    Thank you so much for allowing us to visit and taking us
    to meet the ladies (+ Elmhurst) and telling us their

    Mary Gaeta from Fairfax VA
    Oct. 4, 2012

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