Thoughts needed for Smokies Love

If it's not one thing, it's another. We just had Little Miss Porter on the mend when, on last Friday morning (May 23rd) I found 31 year old Smokies Love in distress. She had somehow managed to give herself a VERY DEEP puncture wound on her belly. She could barely walk, the pain in her eyes so evident I almost cried. Of course you know we called the vet. He came out and GEEZ that puncture wound is deep. He inserted a finger and couldn't reach the end.

We received care instructions and also the scary prognosis. We weren't sure if Smokie had knicked her intestine. Our Doc said that if she did she would develope peritonitis and we would know within 48-72 hours, we would lose her. I was beside myself, a certifiable basket case. Smokie has been with us longer than any other mare. She arrived in April 2002. She is such a dear friend. We had a terrible Spring with her, as we usually do (Smokie and Spring do not get along) and we had just begun to get weight back on her.

Every hour seemed like an eternity. We treated her wound by flushing a mixture of antibiotics and peroxide with water. She is so brave…we had to insert a syringe into the wound and squirt with gusto. She is also on IM antibiotics and pain meds. We waited…finally passed the dreaded 72 hour mark without Smokie spiking a fever.

So, here we are…we know by now we do not have internal damage to worry about but now we are guarding against infection. She is sure not out of the woods but we can sleep easier. We continue to treat her as instructed and pray she doesn't leave us.

All of the recent injuries have reminded me just how much each horse means and just how fragile life is. Barbara Livingston once said of Our Mims living here, "Every day is a gift." I think about that statement quite a bit. I look at my beautiful ladies and gentleman and fully undserstand the gift I have been given. I am the luckiest person in the world to have them.

So, if you are reading this, please say a prayer for our Smokie. She really needs the help.

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