Thoughts needed for Irvina

Ok, guys, I know I can count on you all. Irvina is nearing her 31st birthday and is not doing well at all. She stopped eating grain about 3 weeks ago… Thank goodness the grass is green. We had her teeth done and are doing all that we can but I think our girl is ready to pass.

Please pray for an easy passing for her.

Some of you may know that she came to us on February 4, 2006. She was about 300 lbs underweight and very depressed. We applied our own version of "carrot therapy" and never expected she would last as long as she has. Much to our surprise, Irvina rebounded and thrived. She gained about 200 lbs and eagerly ate everything offered. In fact, she was often FIRST to the barn to eat. Before long the twinkle returned to her eyes and she really became mischievious… um, she has a special talent, she is able to open just about any gate with her lips and teeth.

Anyway, Irvina is, as all our ladies are, very special. Her foals have earned over a million dollars on the track and she has earned a special place in our hearts.

Please say a prayer for her. She deserves to be walking on rose petals.

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