The Princess Royale

I forgot to put Princess on the birthday list. She is 25!

Apparently, the Princess is VERY upset about that whole birthday thing….she colicked ths morning!

We had the vet out. She wasn't particulary "dry" when he palped her and had excellent gut sounds, color and pulse so she should be ok. He oiled her…she was not happy at all about that.

Doc thinks she hasn't been drinking enough water. We have a heated bucket in her stall and water trough heaters as well. BUT…the Princess is lovesick over her main man Dedier and spends All DAY at the fence talking to him. She doesn't go up to drink. THAT'S RIGHT! BOYS CAN MAKE A LADY SICK!

So, I brought an extra bucket down from the barn and have hung it on the fence where she stands mooning over the boy. This should do the trick. I just need to keep it full of tepid water. Um, it's 20 degrees out there. Sheesh…

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