The Princess Learns the Hard way

The Princess has had an adventure I'm sure she doesn't want to repeat. Right at this moment she is resting comfortably but DARN MAD that the other ladies are flirting with her man.

Seems the pretty Princess was trying to get her pretty tail close enough to the stallion for a little fun this morning and got herself into trouble. Ok, just so you know, the stallion wasn't trying to get into the field with her, she was trying to get to him.

She is a HUSSY! A TRAMP! A Cougar!

I had already gone to work when I got a phone call from my daughter that Pete was tending a horse tangled in a fence. I rushed home.

There was so much blood. Pete was covered, Princess was covered and blood pooled at her feet. Pete had just finished cutting the fence when I arrived.

I walked the Princess to the barn while I talked to the vet on my cell phone. I had no doubt she need stitches, I just wondered if we could take care of her on the farm or if she had to go to the hospital.

Let me tell you…it was SOMETHING. The Princess now has 35+ staples in her leg! Between my vet, his wife and I, we managed to get her stapled, wrapped and bandaged without a trip to the hospital.

So, here is what has to happen now. The Princess is stall bound for weeks maybe. She is on antibiotics and bute. We will change the bandage every two days and in a week or so, start amnion therapy. We'll use strips of an amnionic sac on her wounds to help heal them. I've done this before with great success so, since it's foaling season, I'll try again.

It's been such a hard day at the Haven. I am ready to just curl up and crumble into an exhausted heap. I'd like to thank a very special donor for sending funds to pay the vet bill. I was just about beside myself with worry. We had JUST paid off the past bill. I was worried about how long it would be before we could raise the money for this one. Well, prayers were answered and an angel came to our rescue. Thank you, dear, dear friend. May good things come to you and everyone you love.

Pete is outside creating yet another electric barrier…to keep those cougars AWAY from my young and impressionable boy. They will be held 20 feet away!

I'm going to bed hoping tomorrow will be less active.

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