We have a most unusual problem at OMRH, I'm pretty sure our Princess Royale is caught up in a fairy tale. Do you all remember THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA story where is prince's mother is convinced that the princess who her son wants to marry, really isn't of royal blood so she put her to the ultimate test…she hides a pea under a bunch of mattresses…if the princess sleeps well, then she isn't a true princess.

Well, we have a simular story. Cheryl entited it THE PICKY, PRICKLY PRINCESS.

We all know that the Princess is picky about her gown, um, her turn out blanket. We carefully picked out a new one this year and it is STUNNING. A bright pink with black edging.

Well, Pete told me about a week ago that the Princess was fidgeting and we need to watch her for colic AGAIN. She has already colicked twice since the New Year began.

So we watched. Yup, there was something definately wrong. The Princess couldn't stand still, bit at her sides, rubbed on stuff breaking a blanket strap and was grouchy and cross…

Then, Pete found her blanket laying in the pasture. SEVERAL straps broken and unwearable. Repairs will need to be made.

That evening I took a close look at our Princess. EVERYWHERE that blanket touched she is losing hair! There was evidence she had been broken out in hives, as the allergic bumps were still receding.

This reaction is ONLY where the blanket touched the Princess's delicate skin.

That's right, folks, the Princess Royale is allergic to her new blanket. Or something on it. This could have triggered her colics!

We are still debating what to do…we will wash the blanket, get it repaired so we have it but do we attempt to put it back on her or do we try a different brand?

Her pretty grey/white coat is already a mess, her dainty body covered in patches of red welts. It will take WEEKS to get her coat back to normal.

So, there you have it, PROOF that our princess is INDEED a Princess and not an imposter trying to slip into the castle.

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