We, at Our Mims Retirement Haven, fully understand the hard times our world is facing. We know that each of you deeply cares and want to give from your heart this Holiday season. But we also know that as much as we all wish for abundant finances, the money just isn’t there. Fact is, we are all struggling to survive.

So, as a Christmas Present, we ask you for your heart. And, your words…We want you to write your favorite celebrity to bring attention to our mares and our daily struggles. Our thoughts are that famous people not only have funds to donate, they also have a fan base. A simple word from them would open a million doors for our meager bank accounts. Can you even IMAGINE the benefits that would come to the Ladies if Garth Brooks or Toby Keith even mentioned OMRH? Or Kenny Chesney? Robin Williams, Oprah Whinfry, Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono? My Goodness, YOU could be the answer to our prayers!

Of course, you may choose another charity to endorse and that’s ok as we all need help. But we ask that you write somebody for someone.

It isn’t hard. Just pour your heart out. Tell someone rich and famous about us. Just GOOGLE or BING the person of your choice, find an address and start writing. For the Haven, you’d need to tell them about our beautiful mares. Tell them about Our Mims, a Champion, who, through no fault of her own, was left with cattle, no care, and no grain. Or tell them about Champion Taba, who was also the dam of a Champion (Turkoman) and how BOTH were left lacking what they needed to finish their lives with dignity until OMRH stepped in to help. Tell them about all our great mares. My Turbulent Miss who foaled several MULTI Stakes winners yet still ended up over 300 lbs underweight before coming to the Haven. Tell them about Sugar And Spice, a multiple Stakes winner-Stakes producer who arrived at the Haven so neglected she was clearly a Hospice case. Bel’s Starlet, once called QUEEN OF THE HILL at Santa Anita earning her owners nearly a million dollars but ended up at the Kentucky Equine Humane Center and now calls OMRH home. Talk about Lotka, winner of $721,804 and dam of 14 foals (11 winners, one won almost 2.5 million) yet arrived penniless.

The list goes on. Alabama Nana whose trainer wouldn’t even give us the time of day after she earned him fame and fortune. Iza Valentine, Jamra, and Exactly So, winners on the track and in the foaling business.  Tell them about Hana Bride and Princess Royale who gave everything they could give and still ended up close to slaughter. Missy White Oak, Ms. Stalwart, and Cruella, who all raced their hearts out, gave birth to winning foals yet still found themselves homeless.

If you write about the Haven, be sure to include our website and Our Mims’ tribute site  Include our address, 2810 Millersburg-Ruddles Mills Rd., Paris, KY 40361 and even my phone number 859-227-6304. If you write about another Charity, make sure you give all the pertinent information so the celebrity can learn about them and help them.

Folks, if you are reading this, then you KNOW how to use a computer well enough to complete this incredible gift. And, you don’t have to be verbally eloquent to help. Just string a few sentences together using your heart. Send those words on to people who can help.  You can even copy and use the words in this text. And, please, send us a copy of your letter. ( or no matter WHO you are writing for.  We want to know how many people this note reaches ands how many charities it helps.

Just write someone. YOU could be the answer to our prayers.

The Ladies and I thank you in advance for this holiday gift. Thank you for us and for who ever else may benefit.

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