The ladies snuggle in their blankets

BRRRR!!!! It's cold in the Bluegrass. I SWEAR I saw a few flakes of snow today. The ladies are tucked into their stalls with their jammies on.

I love watching their expressions as we slip those blankets over their shoulders. Those who have been here awhile know what to expect. They relish in the warmth and softness of that blanket.

Those who haven't yet spent a winter with us look concerned. It isn't unusual for a TB mare to have a blanket but many times it means the horse is going to sale.

Several nights ago, when I first slipped the blanket over Cruella's shoulders, she looked all upset and worried. Today, I explained to her that she wasn't for sale, not for a million dollars and the blanket was because we love her. She looked so relieved. Her blanket and Blue Viking's are top of the line and provided by Gail Spencer, friend to all old mares.

Little Miss Porter is spending her second winter with us. She wasn't at all sure how to deal with the whole blanket issue last year. At first, she was SCARED TO DEATH of her blanket. Then, after having it placed over her back on a cold night, she didn't want me to take it off. It was quite the feat to get that thing off of her the next day…she became down right DANGEROUS! I managed to get it off but she cuddled up next to it as it hung on her wall! I hung the blanklet over her wall earlier this week. She was fearful, as expected. But as I slipped it over her back a little while ago, she snuggled in.

We have a tradition here at the Haven. Horses reaching that 30 year milestone wear PURPLE. This year we will have three purple blankets in the field. Iza Valentine, of course, is currently 32. Smokies Love is 31. Timeless Sue turns 30 on January 1 and will wear purple after the first of the year.

All three of these fine ladies will need new blankets. Iza's and Smokies' are getting thin… they were meduim weight to begin with and won't sustain them through out the winter. Sue will need a new one of her own!

It's exciting, this time of year. Autumn is firmly upon us and we all anticipate what the winter will be like. Will there be snow to play in? Ice storms? You just never know what will happen in Kentucky!

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