The ladies grieve; More health problems for Smokie

The ladies are grieving for their lost friends, but I think the worst is past us. Arc's Bar Miss is a 28 year old QH. She is one of my personal horses, but she pastures with the ladies. Arcy was the little ladies' closest caretaker. She has finally stopped calling for them. She stands alone much of the time but has begun socializing with Cruella and Smokie. Blue Viking is quiet, but I think she is ok. It's hard on our ladies. They are a close-knit family. When you get right down to it, though, I think they understood completely how much pain Peggy and Darla were in and knew it was time for them to leave.

We had another scare with Smokies Love. On Saturday, August 2nd, I found Smokie in severe heat distress. A cool bath did nothing to relieve her heavy breathing and sweating. While Smokie was able to shed most of her winter fur, she still had a thick coat. So, with Pete's help. I gave her an emergency hair cut. I never shaved a horse before so it was good that I had a calm lady for my first victim. Smokie's breathing started to settle down even before we were finished. She seems fine now. And, the best part is that now that I can see "figure" better, I am quite pleased with her body weight.

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