The importance of vaccines and a confession

I feel terrible. I made a decision that nearly cost one of the mares her life.

Last year I decided NOT to vaccinate for the West Nile Virus anymore. I thought it out and took the risk.
There hadn't been any West Nile reported in the area for a very long time. The vaccine is effective only about 75% of the time. I have seen very bad reactions to this vaccine and it costs about $30 per shot.

So, after discussing it with the vet  I decided to take the chance.

Little Miss Porter is now very ill. It was touch and go all last week as to whether or not she would survive. The special plasma needed to treat the illness isn't made anymore so we could only treat the symptoms.

The vet came out and vaccinated EVERY HORSE on the farm on Wednesday. During that visit he said Porter looked better and he thinks she will beat this terrible illness. She is still very ill but she is improving.

Tell you what, I have learned my lesson. I won't be skipping anything again.
I'm also going to look for a horse who is a universal plasma donor. That would be blood type A neg, Q neg. I'll hypo-immunize for West Nile and have a horse who can give the needed plasma to save lives. Both horse clinics have the ability to get the plasma…I'll just offer the service of the horse.

I am still SHOCKED that in THIS AREA of the country there isn't a way to treat a horse sick with West Nile simply because no one has a universal donor who has been prepared to do so.

Well, I'm going to fix that.

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