The Baby, the Moon and the Gramma

Moon Shadow and the new little colt are doing well. Moon is beginning, ever so slightly, to develope a full "bag" (udder) and the Battlefield Kid (name currently used for the colt) is thriving under Pam's care.

Funny side note: Pam has an old grey mare named Sophie who resides in the stall right next to Moon and Kid. Sophie has decided that Moon needs a little coaching in the baby rearing process and WON'T leave their sides. Pam could not get Sophie to go out to the pasture yesterday… the mare INSISTED she needed to be by the Kid. So Pam allowed her to hang out in the barn yard while Moon and Kid were in the front paddock.

I checked on the little family at about 12:45 when Pam was out doing errands… Sophie grazed contentedly in the barn yard. Pam got home at 1:30 and Sophie was in the paddock with Moon and the colt!!!! That old mare had unlatched the back door to the run-in shed, removed the bungee and went right in that paddock! 

Sophie has the gramma thing DOWN.  If Moon fusses at Kid. Sophie scolds Moon.

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  1. As always – loved your stories. I copied the story of Barhopper and mailed it so several of my "old mare" friends. Humans should never think they are the most "human". Babies are special. At the place where I take riding lessons, all the geldings have to be reminded to keep their minds on their jobs of trying to teach these middle aged and older humans how to ride – they are so very very interested in the little filly and the colt. The other lesson? Never underestimate a grandmom whether she is the blood grandmom or smply decided she is the grand dam.

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