The arrival of MS ROYAL FLAGSHIP

Last night at about 7:30, our new lady arrived. Ms Royal Flagship, AKA NEKA, comes to us from Melissa in Iowa.  It is obvious in the way she moves that Neka has a history in dressage. She is so very graceful. And YOUNG, too. Neka is only 17…but her physical infirmaties mean she can no longer be pastured with young horses.(Um remember "young" is defined in "anyone under 25" here at the Haven) Neka's hind ankles are broke down the same way that Chief's and Bama's were. Her physical issues were why I put her on our waiting list to begin with. She will need special care. And, OH, she has been on the list for a LONG time.

Right now, our new kid is a bit underweight. I'm sure we can fix that. Our first goal will be to cover her ribs and hip bones. It will take 250 lbs at least.  I'll have the vet out this weekend to assess her, the dentist and farrier as soon and I can get them.

News on Iza Valentine isn't good. She continues to "fade". She was very unstable this evening and hardly acknowledged me the last time I checked on her. I'm afraid it won't be long now. As a matter of fact, I am surprised every morning when I find her still with us. If she were to ask to be "let go", I'd do it… so far she hasn't asked. 

I SO FEAR a repeat of the kind of loss we suffered in 2005. Best friends often grieve themselves to death when their BFF leaves our world. My Turbulent Miss couldn't stand life on Earth without Taba. Hope of Glory left soon after Sugar and Spice. Blond Bomber and Wayne's Dancer… the list goes on. Iza and Jamra were incredibly close.

I am trying to prepare myself for Iza's departure, still,  I can't help but have hope. Iza has "pulled through" so many times before. Maybe she will recover…please, God?

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  1. I have known Neka from the time Missy got her, I met her on the first night and have known her ever since. She is a very special lady and she loves her treats, and carrots and apples!!!!!

    I am so happy she is with you, give her an extra hug and wither scratch from me!!!!!

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