The Alarm Rings…

The alarm rings early; stumble out of bed looking for tea. Quiet time for just awhile.

The horses wait for breakfast, no further motivation needed. The phone rings often, so many people wanting to send horses. Some have legitimate reasons, others just no longer want to support their horse.

There are stalls to clean, buckets to scrub, floors to sweep and places to rake. There are injuries to tend on both horse and self. Feet get stepped on, bodies get bruised. Not a big deal, just another day on the farm. Visitors and volunteers come and go. Each appreciated and wished safe travels.

Time again to fill the feed buckets.

Then there are noses to kiss, soft words to share and grooming kits to use.

Finally, with voice raised in gratitude, the walk from the barn to the house. Dinner is late, bedtime is early.

Restless dreams, late night walks and moonlight whispers.

Then the alarm rings again.

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