Thawing out and birthday parties

The ice has melted. We had minimal damage compared to most. AND! we kept our power.

During the deep freeze, Bel's Starlet celebrated her 22nd birthday on January 29. We shivered but we ate lots of tasty treats and sang Happy Birthday.

On February 4th, Blue Viking will turn 23! Deb sent her a brand new blanket (um, her second this year. She tore her first one beyond repair)…Blue promptly broke both buckles in the front…sigh, sometimes I wish as years were added to her body, they effected her mind.  Blue is as mischievious as I imagine Irvina was when she was younger.

Smokie is holding her own. She eats half her normal intake and drinks less than what she did before. She is losing weight. Not much we can do, though. It's all up to her.

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