AHEM: (a lady always clears her throat when she wants to be recognized to speak)

Timeless Sue announces: The ladies shall be dining in on Thanksgiving day with their usual fair of senior feed, beet pulp and an abudance of carrots. Dessert, hand made treats by our friend, Kathleen, shall follow both the morning and evening meal. All are welcome to attend.

In accordance with the holiday, the ladies wish to express their complete gratitude to all their supporters for their generosity.

Timeless Sue is grateful for the new bedding. "I wish you all could see how tidy my stall is." says Sue.

Lotka is thankful for treats. Lots and lots of treats.

Little Miss Porter is thankful for the beet pulp added to her feed…and that Jeanne understands her dislike of any meds hidden in her feed.

Taba Dance is just so happy to be getting carrots everyday. Nothing can go wrong when a girl gets carrots.

Hana Bride is so very grateful for the warm sun that heats her bones and lifts her spirits.

Ms. Royal Flagship is very happy to just be in Hana's presence. She likes the carrots, too, but nothing beats a sweet BFF.

Smokies Love is thankful just to be alive. God love her.

The Princess Royale is very grateful that a cute stud muffin named Dedier O'Hanlon thinks she is hot.

Bel's Starlet is thankful for her wooly, warm coat and a never ending supply of mud to roll in.

Arc Bar Miss is very thankful for a nice, warm stall.

Cruella is THANKFUL for all the scritches she gets! OOOHH, AHHHH.

Blue Viking is thankful that God created orchard grass and alfalfa.

Ms. Stalwart is very grateful for her stall, her feed dish and her water bucket (It's great to scratch on.)

Missy White Oak is very grateful that she has a stall to go into each night where no one can poop in her hay but her!

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