Ten Years Ago Today

At this very moment ten years ago today I was standing beside Our Mims on her very first evening on our farm. I remember it so clearly. My heart was beating so fast I thought it would explode. I just couldn't take my eyes off her. Prayers, lots of prayers, thanking Great Spirit for the wonderful gift he sent to me.

I fed Mims in her brand new red and blue feed dish, poured water into her matching water bucket. And brushed her coat until it shined.  I think I stayed in the barn with her well past midnight, just brushing, fussing and talking. I promised her she would never want for anything again. I also promised I would never let her be forgotten.

I relished in every stroke of the brush, every soft caress of her muzzle, wondering how long I would have with her. Little did I know…I'd have a lifetime. She was my life back then and she still is…

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