Taba Dance!

TABA DANCE IS HERE!!!!!! That's right, daughter of our own, dear Taba arrived  early this morning. She is a BIG mare standing at 16.3 hands. She had such a long trip from Ocala, Florida, and yet she quietly walked off that trailer and calmly walked to the barn with me. We have never had a daughter of one of our departed ladies' before… yet alone the daughter of a Champion!

Oh, Taba, you were with us such a short period of time. We are so honored to care for your babies… first, Turkoman in California and now Taba Dance.

First order of business is to get to the grocery to buy some pears. They were Taba's favorite treat. I can't wait to see what Taba Dance thinks.

Note from Cheryl: Here are a couple of snapshots taken by Pam:

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