Sunset on a Rainy June Night

It’s June, the sun is setting and it’s raining in/near Paris, Kentucky.

I am sitting on my front porch watching a few brave fireflies light up under the tree canopy and near the eaves of the porch.

In the distance, I can hear Blue Viking calling to the other Ladies and Elmhurst. I know she is standing in the barn because she doesn’t like the rain. It’s probably poisonous.

I also know that only Missy White Oak and Jo Jo’s Gypsy are listening to her warning. Elmhurst, Dogwood Patty and Ms Royal Flagship will come inside if Blue calls a few more times.

Trail Guide, Kidnap Katie and Twobits are huddled together in the small barn, convinced we are experiencing Acid rain.

This is life at Our Mims Retirement Haven. Until the unexpected happens, anyway.

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