Summer time blues

I had the vet out to look at Iza Valentine yesterday. It's nothing serious, I don't think, but my heart tells me something, somewhere, needs to be treated with more aggression than I am doing.

Iza has not been eating well. But, it's hot, so maybe she just doesn't feel like eating. She injured her left shoulder and has a small abrasion with moderate swelling. Then, we found a knot the size of a kiwi in her throat.

Doc says the knot may be her thyroid. Not that it is guarenteed or anything but we put her on thyroid meds to see if we can can help.

The injury shouldn't be an issue at all as long as pain doesn't keep her from eating.

He gave her several shots to help stimulate an appetite. We'll see over the next few days if they help.

And, we are going to put her on some vitamin B.  

I'm not ready to fall apart with worry or anything, I just want to be cautious.

Please say a few prayers and if anyone of you is a long distance communicator, fee free to ask her "what's up?"

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