Springtime, mowing and leaving grief behind.

First, let me say that Hana Bride is TRULY kicking up her heels. She has more energy than I have seen in a great while. WOW, she is magnificent. All dappled and shiney… racing across the pasture. She doesn't act at all depressed until she has to come into the barn and see the empty stall beside her. It is for that reason that I have called for the next mare on the waiting list.

I have been mowing for days! A five foot cut bush hog and a tiny tractor can only get so much done at a time, I swear, between the yard and the pasture, my tired butt has been in that tractor seat for over 15 hours in three days. I just completed the front pasture and the small lot behind the barn. I'd like to get more done tonight but my body REFUSES. Oh, well, there is always tomorrow.

YOU SHOULD SEE THE DAPPLES IN OUR PASTURE!!!!! MY GOODNESS, the ladies are spectacular! Everyone seems to have wintered well. We did not expect Smokie's Love to see the spring grass but she is still with us. Yes, she is winter worn but she eats well and can still prance like a new born pony.

Iza Valentine continues to amaze. I bet that if you came out to our place not knowing who was who, you'd never guess who was 33 and who was much younger.

Keep an eye out for the announcement for our new arrival and, on a completely different subject, a very special press release.  

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