Dogwood Patty

Born: March 10, 1992

Sire: Sauce Boat
Dam: Whacky Patty

52 Starts, 8 Wins, 8 Places, 4 Shows

Career Earnings: $58,824

Dogwood Patty arrived at Our Mims Retirement Haven on August 21, 2012.

OMRH founder Jeanne Mirabito told this touching story about Dogwood Patty’s arrival at Our Mims Retirement Haven:

Patty and Taba Dance were good friends during their foaling days. I know from experience that horses do not forget their friends (or their enemies) but now I have proof. On the afternoon of her arrival, I was busy getting everyone into stalls for their dinner. Everyone cooperated except for Taba Dance.

I was still trying to catch TD when the horse van pulled in up at our rental house, the driver took Patty off the van. Patty let out a LOUD call announcing her arrival. Taba Dance’s head SHOT UP. She looked in the direction of the van and answered. Patty returned the call and began to drag the driver down the lane in TD’s direction.

I met them halfway and took Patty from there. She then pulled me all the way to the paddock where TD stood. Taba Dance trotted forward, stopped and looked at Patty, carefully checking her out. Patty was doing the same looking at Taba Dance.

Taba Dance chortled, and hurried to Patty…they began rubbing each others withers and chatting, one would nicker softly, the other would answer. It was beautiful.

Source: Jeanne Mirabito blog 09-22-2012